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Play of Game

  • 7 v 7 ( Six and  a goalie)
  • 2 players in defensive zone at all times
  • 2 long poles allowed
  • Ten seconds to clear defensive zone
  • Midline becomes back court once ball is cleared
  • No backcourt violation on a shot or defensive deflection
  • Score and standings will be kept
  • There will be no 3 pass rule


  • Minimum of 7 players
  • No maximum roster size


  • Two – 26 minute running-time halves.
  • 2 minute halftime to change sides.
  • After a goal, there will be a face-off.

Body Checks

  • Boys = LIMITED body checking.  Do not knock players down
  • Girls = Middle School League = Checking below the shoulder only
  • Girls = High School League = Normal checking


  • 1 -, 2-, or 3-minute penalties for illegal body checks, slashing, and unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • All penalty time served in full.
  • Penalty time begins when player is in box and will be kept on the scoreboard.
  • 4 personals =  removal from the game and is issued a 2 game suspension.  Two – 2 game suspension equals season suspension.
  • If a player fights or is belligerent in any way, he/she will be expelled from the league permanently without exception and without refund.



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