Due to COVID-19 the following facility procedures have been put into place.

  1. All employees and customers will wear a mask at all times as mandated by government officials.
  2. Temperature and wellness checks can be taken upon arrival.
  3. The Office will be locked down to front desk staff only. No coaches, referees, customers, will be allowed behind the front desk or in the office.
  4. Arrows will also be placed on the ground showing which way to walk in the hallway.
  5. Games will have staggered kickoff times when possible to reduce traffic flow.
  6. All youth program equipment will be sanitized between each class using either wipes or or spray.
  7. Hand sanitizer or wipes will be made available to each class or camp participant and around the facility.
  8. All physical contact after games is prohibited- teams can give each other a verbal congrats or they can exchange toe-taps.
  9. No pinnies will be provided.  Please make sure to bring a light and dark shirt to each game.
  10. The water fountain will be turned off.  Players will be encouraged to bring their own drink or purchase from the machines.
  11. All staff has been traineded in Covid and facility cleaning procedures.
  12. Plexi glass will be installed to ensure a safe distance between staff and customers.
  13. The CFC Arena Bar & Grill will have digital menus and contactless payment methods.