Adult Soccer League Information

Adult Soccer League Days:

Players Looking for a team……

Did you just move to the area?  Are you looking for a team to join?  We have options to help get you playing!!!

  • We offer house teams for most of our adult leagues.  Sign up as an individual and play with others on our House Team!
  • You can post your information on our Facebook group page to connect with others.
  • You can post your information on our classifieds page HERE
  • We also have adult pickup soccer every Wednesday and Friday night.  It costs $10 at the door and it is a great way to meet new players to join a team.
  • A few times a year we have our famous “Fantasy Futbol Tournaments”.  This is a coed tournament for individuals to sign up.  There is a draft of the individuals to be placed on teams and compete in the tournament with great prizes for the winners!!!
League Rules
Game Schedules

Adult League Team Details:

  • Adult leagues play 7 vs 7 (6 field players and 1 Goalkeeper).  Coed teams need at least 3 females on the field at all times.
  • For adult leagues, at least a $50 deposit is due at registration.  We suggest registering at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the league.
  • The entire balance must be paid one week prior to the first game.
  • If your balance is not paid in full one week prior to the first game you will not be able to play and will be removed from the schedule.
  • Team captains are responsible for collecting payments and ensuring the invoice is paid in a timely manner.
  • Please note, adult games have a max goal cap of 12.  Once a goal difference of 12 has been met, the winning team must play a man down.  Every 2 more goals after that, another player is to be removed.  Once the GD is back to 12, all players can return to play.
  • Please bring two color jerseys to each game.
  • Shinguards are mandatory
  • No outdoor cleats are allowed
  • Any teams dropping out/ being removed from the league for discipline reasons will be charged $150 per game played plus a $250 drop out fee.  There is a $50 forfeit fee for missing games during the season.
  • CAPTAINS – By using the captain only link you received at the bottom of your registration confirmation email,  you can add the player’s information to your online roster and assign them a cost to pay.  The player will then receive a separate link where they can sign the waiver electronically and make a payment if necessary.  Do not give your link to anyone else and please do not delete your name with the invoice.  There is no maximum amount of players you can put onto the roster.


  • All captains/managers are required to have each player electronically sign the online CFC Arena waiver.  Click on your league by clicking HERE.  Click “Register online” Scroll down and select: I am registering for a team.  Then, choose your team name and sign up.
  • Nobody can step onto the field without signing the waiver online.  There are no more paper waivers.  New players are not allowed to be added after game 6 kickoff.
  • There is no roster size limit.